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Terra Email (Outlook) FAQ's
Use this page to find answers to some of the commonly asked questions about using Microsoft Outlook 2010 with your Terra Community College email account. Click on a question to see the answer. From the answer, you can use the BACK link to return to the question.

1.) How do I arrange or re-arrange my messages??

To arrange your messages in single-line view, click Single Line above the message list. To arrange your messages in multiple-line view, click Multiple Lines above the message list.

You can arrange your messages in different ways by clicking Arrange By and then selecting one of the following options:

  • Date: Displays all messages as they arrive in your Inbox. This is the default view.
  • Conversation: Groups and displays messages sorted by the topic of conversation. To see all messages from a particular conversation, expand the message group by clicking the plus sign next to the group.
  • From: Sorts all messages by sender.
  • To: Sorts all messages by the recipient.
  • Size: Sorts all messages by size. Terrific way to clean up email box!
  • Subject: Sorts all messages by subject. Unlike Conversation, this does not group the messages.
  • Type: Sorts the messages by type: e-mail message, meeting request, voice mail message, or fax message.
  • Attachments: Sorts the messages based on whether or not they have an attachment.
  • Importance: Sorts the messages based on importance.
  • Flag Due Date: Sorts the messages based on the date due set with a flag.
  • Flag Start Date: Sorts the messages based on the Flag Start Date.

When in Multiple Lines View, click on the column heading to sort messages by that column.

  • Click on "From" to sort messages by Sender.
  • Click on the column heading "Subject" to sort messages by Subject.

2.) How do I change my password?
  • Go to the web site
  • Click the "Terra Single Sign-On" Link.
  • Sign in with your username and password and then click on the "Login" button.
  • Click on the "Password Manager" button.
  • The Terra Community College Password Manager page will open and you will be able to change your password and/or to change your security questions and/or answers.

3.) How can I run spell-check?

You can check the spelling in your messages before you send them in Outlook Web Access.

Note: The spelling checker does not check the subject line of your message.

To check and fix spelling mistakes in messages

  1. After you compose a message or while you are composing a message, click in the body of the message.
  2. On the toolbar, click Check Spelling or press F7. The spelling checker will underline each word it does not recognize in red.
  3. Right-click an underlined word to see a list of suggested corrections. Click one of the suggestions to substitute it for the misspelled word.

To configure settings to default for all messages

Click Options on the Outlook Web Access toolbar and then clicking Spelling in the Navigation Pane where you can default the following for all messages:

  • Ignore words in UPPERCASE

  • Ignore words with numbers

  • Always check spelling before sending

    You can also set the default dictionary language.

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    4.) How do I empty my deleted items folder (trash)?
    1. In the navigation pane, right-click Deleted Items.
    2. Click Empty Deleted Items.
    3. Click OK to verify that you want to permanently delete all items in the Deleted Items folder or click Cancel to cancel the operation without emptying the folder.

    5.) How do I access Public College Information?

    Information on Academic Calendars, College Hours, Enrollment Statistics, etc... is located in Public Folders within your email (Microsoft Outlook Web Access) at Terra State Community College.

    • Sign into My Email from the web page: This website is accessible from on or off Campus.
    • Sign in with your User Name and Password. Contact the IT Help Desk at 419-559-2309 if you need your user name or password.
    • After signing into your email, click on Public Folders. Public Folders has informative data about the college. For instance, to view prior versions of the Paw Print, click on the “+” plus sign to open up folders within. If there is a “+” next to the folder, click on it to expand the contents then double click on the folder to view its contents.
    • When you are finished, sign off by clicking the log off key in the upper right hand corner and close out of your Internet browser.

    6.) How do I forward my Terra email to another (Non-Terra) account?

    (NOTE: All official Terra correspondence is sent to your Terra email address. While you may set up a rule to forward your Terra email to another email address, please make sure you login to your Terra email account at the beginning or end of every semester to clean up any old messages.)

    • Sign into My Email from the web page: and the "Terra Single Sign On" link. This website is accessible from on or off Campus.
    • Sign in with your User Name and Password. Contact the IT Help Desk at 419-559-2309 if you need your user name or password.
    • Click Options to open the Options menu in the Navigation pane
    • Click Rules in the Options navigation pane

    Rules are used to automatically perform specific actions against messages as they arrive, based on criteria that you choose. For example, you can create a rule to automatically forward all mail to another email account.

    To create a rule:

    • Click New Rule
    • Click Create a new rule for arriving messages
    • If you see the following screen, Click Delete Disabled Rules if this screen displays.
    • Enter a name in the Name box i.e. "Forward My Mail"
    • Click on Forward or redirect…
    • Click Check box Forward the message to people or distribution list
    • Click on the people or distribution list
    • On the bottom of the screen, enter the Email Address where you want to forward messages in Message Recipients To =>
    • Click OK
    • Click Save to save the rule or Cancel to cancel the rule without saving.
    • Click OK to verify this rule will apply to every email message or Cancel without saving.
    • You should see your new rule listed.

    NOTE (another way to create a rule): In addition to creating rules by using the Rules window in Options, you can also create rules directly from messages. Right-click a message in the message list pane and select Create Rule, or open the message and select Create rule from the toolbar, to create a new rule. Click Show all options to view all available options for rules.

    Rules can be created to:

    • Move messages from someone to a folder
    • Move messages sent to a distribution list to a folder
    • Delete messages that have specific words in the subject
    • Move messages that have specific words in the subject to a folder

    To edit a rule:

    • Select the rule from the rules window by clicking it
    • Click Change Rule to open the rule editing window
    • Make the changes that you want
    • Click Save to save your changes or Cancel to close the rule without saving.

    To delete a rule:

    • Select the rule from the rules window by clicking it
    • Click Delete
    • A window will pop up asking if you want to permanently delete the selected items.
    • Click OK on the confirmation window to permanently delete the rule OR click Cancel to cancel the deletion and to close the confirmation window.

    7.) How do I recover items emptied from the deleted items folder?

    You can recover items that have been emptied from the Deleted Items folder by using the Deleted Items in Options.

    1. Click Options, and then click Deleted Items.
    2. Select the item that you want to recover by clicking it in the Recover Deleted Items list.
    3. Click Recover to Deleted Items folder to recover the item or click Permanently Delete to permanently delete the item.

    Recovered items will appear in the Deleted Items folder. You can then move or copy them to other folders as needed.

    Note Permanently deleting an item does not remove it from backups that were made before the item was deleted.


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