Friday, July 29, 2016
Course Portal FAQ's
Use this page to find answers to some of the commonly asked questions about using the Angel Course Portal at Terra Community College. Click on a question to see the answer. From the answer, you can use the BACK link to return to the question.

1.)  What are the system requirements for my computer to access Terra's online resources such as Angel Mycourse Portal?
To use Terra online resources such as your Angel Course Management System and Angel course mail and student portal, your operating system must be either Microsoft Windows or an Apple Mac OS. In addition, you must use either Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox as a browser. Terra does not officially support any other operating system or browser.

2.)  Where do I get my user name and password for Angel? How do I login?
Your user name and password are the same ones that you use for your login to on-campus computers, your student portal, and your Terra e-mail. Here are some links to short tutorials that will help you to login to your Angel Course Portal:
  • Angel Student Intro One
  • Angel Student Intro Two

  • 3.)  How do I find my grades in the Angel MyCourse Portal?
    When you enter the course for which you want to look up your grades, you choose the "Reports" tab then under the "Choose Report--Category" pull down the menu and click on "Grades." Then simply click on the "Run" button.

    4.)  I can't find my assignments in Angel MyCourse whom do I contact?
    Contact your instructor for directions.

    5.)  How do I change my Angel username and password?
    Your user name does not change. When you change your Angel password, your Terra login password, your Student Portal password, and your Terra E-mail password will all change too. To change your Password:
  • 1. Go to
  • 2. Click the link for Password Central
  • 3. Click Change Your Password

  • 6.)  When I went to AngelMyCourse Portal everything looks different and I can’t find some of the areas that I need. What do I do?
    When you open Angel, click on the Preferences button (It's the button on the left with a wrench). Click on Theme Selector. Choose a new theme or a theme you previously had. Then click the apply button and your screen will appear more "normal"

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